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marry yourself first

By awayra, Bucharest, AL

Near the Panthenon, in the ancient Agora where Socrates and Plato used to spread their wisdom, lies a small, beautiful marble temple called „the Hephaisteion”. It is said that its ruins are the best kept in the whole world - a symbol for the times Greece passed through, while history’s cast storms fell above centuries. And, as the sun breathes one’s last streak of light on my lids with a mild, friendly wind-whisper which brings the smell of olives to my nose, I cannot recall anything else but my own forgotten spirit. It’s dusk; night comes over.
I am the only person in this world who knows exactly what my eyes now see. Unfortunately, no one tells us how important is to build a relationship with yourself, nor how much we mean to the soul our body bears because -let’s face it- every single nerve within our been screams out for the little annoying issue called “love”.

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