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When I Stole Popsicles.

By Flightless, Sioux Falls, SD

When I was a little black fairy princess I stole popsicles and heart shaped chocolates and bottles of pop from my humble kingdom. I actually lived as a peasent girl in a nice home but with a crude family. They'd tell me to clean up after the baby or eat all my nasty food or I would starve, and so that lead to me stealing popsicles from my migical kingdom.

I'd always watch over my little goblin brother though. The one being picked on or told to do chores. I'd stand in the way of any feirce dragon or any old witch because even though he wasn't the prettiest creature in the world, he was my brother and I loved him.

Now as I grew up, my wings stayed black and my heart stayed cold and only he, my brother could recognize this, even over me. I was joyful and up in the sky having a laugh with my other fairy friends never to notice him still on the ground.

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