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The System

By MarissaLaGrange, Monmouth, ME

The funny thing is how we're all in a carefully organized system. We get up each day, we go to work/school every day, we come home, we go to sleep, and it repeats.

I don't know if any of you have thought about the system, it's not one system the entire world has been corrupted into a system. Least for human beings. We're told what to think, what to believe in, what we should learn, what is healthy and what is not, that skinny/anorexic is beautiful. Has it ever occurred to you that back before schools were invented, back before money was the reason people could survive, back before we were told what to do, what to eat, how to live that people used to think on their own. People used to learn what they needed to learn as they went through life, they learned how to survive, they learned how to create, they learned how to grow and love.

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