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9: movie review

By StarlingChild, El Cajon, CA

Nine are all that’s left after our world ended. They are the ones who must complete a dangerous mission in order to make certain that life will still go on. They are the heros of the visually spectacular movie 9.
From the producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker comes the story of nine figures of life, created by an aging scientist, who are then forced to survive in a world infested with monstrous machines. The first eight have learned that hiding is the best way to survive; then number 9 comes along and dishevels their sheltered lives as he tries to solve the mystery of the Machine’s bloodthirsty desire to exterminate the nine creations. At first, there are some who remained reluctant to join the fight, while others can hardly wait. But as the Machine creates more havoc, these nine beings join together to bring an end to the cause of mankind devastation.

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