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Coraline: Movie/Book Review

By StarlingChild, El Cajon, CA

A lonely, attention-seeking girl is bored of her rusty, worn-out home. Her parents pay no attention to her, and the neighbors are eccentric freaks. Then, she finds a doorway into a parallel, looking-glass world of her life. Who is the heroine of this strange tale? None other than Coraline, the feisty, blue-haired, courageous girl who embarks on a bizarre, frightening adventure to find just what she wants in life. Coraline is a heart-stopping, delusive adventure movie, made to please audiences of all ages.
In the movie, Coraline finds herself living in a falling apart, roach-infested home, called the Pink Palace, much to her disgust. Her mother and father spend hours on end inside, being dull, boring, and irritatingly inattentive. As a result, the first half of the movie is the main character absentmindedly exploring her home, visiting strange neighbors, such as the disturbed ex-circus star, Mr.

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