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Soundshow This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By LexxiBeck, Chicago, IL

I'm dressed edgier than usual; this is actually what I wish I could wear every day. My black shirt features chains for straps and a gleaming silver jaguar. Fishnet tights show below long shorts. No school polos, no pressure to look professional or intelligent or pretty. Everyone here dresses comparably. This is my crowd.

The theater is cramped, but everyone can move about a foot in all directions. Luckily, though, not for long. I prefer personal space, generally, but not tonight.

It's best if we become one. I enjoy the sense of community, the intricate reasons we find ourselves here together. Maybe simple as the city we call home. Maybe more complex. Maybe we're twin souls. Maybe we're searching in the same ways for the same truths.

I like those metaphysical yearnings.

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