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Carbon Dioxide

By TGundala, Somerset, NJ

Carbon Dioxide is being put into the environment at an alarming rate, and it shows no sign of stopping. Countries are burning coal, oil, and other resources that will soon and slowly destroy our world. Many people say that we can reverse this by using electric cars, but batteries hold less than one percent of the energy that you would get with a gasoline powered engine. Hydrogen powered cars are also impractical, because carrying the hydrogen in the car takes ten times the storage space of gasoline, and the pressure tank needed to hold it is very heavy and massive as well. Biofuels also cannot be produced at practical quantities and prices, so it is hard to keep the carbon dioxide level from rising above its current 389 parts per million.
One way to do this is to remove it from the environment. By letting forests expand, the carbon dioxide will be absorbed and released as oxygen gas; however, there is not enough land in order to completely rid the Earth of the excess carbon dioxide.

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