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The Only Boy in the World

By Kitty.Meow.Daly, Clarksville, TN

I sit and think about him. He was the only person who could ever understand the pain hidden behind my sparkly blue eyes. He was the only one who knew when I said “I’m fine” or “everything’s okay” he knows to hug me and whisper “I know everything’s wrong just tell me.” He loved me and I knew it I also knew that I loved him and still do.
Everywhere I look I can see him, he was my whole world. And I talk to him often, over the phone. We talk about when we’ll see each other next; we make plans, and promise to be there for each other. I plan to go see him the summer I get my driver’s license. He is the only person who knows the real me, he’s the only person who over a phone call I could spill out all the things that are wrong in my life and he’d point out the things that are right. Whenever I talk to him it’s like he’s there with me holding me, cuddling me, promising me that everything will be okay.

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