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forgive and forget

By lilworkerbeee, thornwood, NY

I can feel his eyes burning
into the back of my head.
All I have to do is
accept his apology.
I want to, but it’s too late.
Saying sorry doesn’t change
what he did to me.
Saying sorry can’t take it back.
I’m not sure he understands,
but I can’t tell him.
I won’t tell him.
If I let him know that it hurts,
and that my heart is in a billion pieces,
and that it’s his face I see in the mirror,
he wins.
I can’t let that happen.
I won’t let that happen.
So, I’ll let it burn.
I’ll let him wonder what could have been.
I’ll let them think I’m alright.
After all,
If I just forgive and forget,
he wins.

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