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If only you knew

January 20, 2011

By Nelson, Amarillo, TX

If only you knew that I LOVED you,
That I'd DIE for you,
That I'd CRY for you,
Baby if you knew that MY HEART CRIES FOR YOU...

If only you knew that I lay up at night CRYING for you,
Wishing that I COULD have you,
That I could KISS you,
Baby if only you knew that I was DREAMING of you..

If you knew I FELT this for you,
Then what would YOU do?
Would you hold me close and keep me safe?

Would you look me in the eyes and say "you're mine."
Take me out to dine, and hope I’d see you try & shine?
Would you tell me that I’m a dime and really fine? Or would you just waste my time?

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