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Studying strategies for school and the future

By bokworm, moreno valley, CA

The tools to overcome negative self talk is quite easy even though I have not mastered it I have stopped from putting myself down as bad as I once did a couple of years ago. Some rules and tactics are first look on the brighter side of things I’m not saying be a full on optimist but you should for example instead of saying “if I fail this test I will never pass this class” say this” if I fail this test I will study even harder so I can pass the next one”. This of course does not work unless you pull through. The next one is when you look at the work you get back look at your mistakes and learn from them you can even take notes to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. Last one is don’t stress about things too much every time you talk about yourself in a bad way you get a little more depressed, if something gets you down just work harder and or do something that makes you feel better then get back to work.

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