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Ode of the Hero's Goddess

By Tho B. T, Seattle, WA

My lady, I cry, is your heart so cold,
To promise me so much, but deliver so little?
Forgive me aptly for being so sudden bold,
’Twas the bird’s prompting with words so brittle.
But goddess, my feet grow weary from this walk,
So far have I come that seasons have lapsed,
Sloshing tides have spun thin and hopes droop.
Your starry eyes ne’er rest on me, so you mock,
My colossal dreams crushed, dashed to pieces, collapsed,
This world is not my cradle, but rather my binding coop.

Oh immortal guardian, you love me not,
What patron bestows curses and not blessings?
Heroic odysseys were what I had sought,
But my ambitions grow dimmer as my courage is lessening.
Monsters charge with lapping flames of fury,

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