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Road Rage

By MaddieWo, Marstons Mills, MA

For those of you who have been to or even heard of a little place called Cape Cod, you’ll probably remember the sparkling beaches. For those of you who have ever lived there, year round, you’ll remember the boredom of the winter season.

You see, my friends and I used to be able to entertain ourselves with the same old activities: mall, movies, bowling, etc. But after a few weeks, we were too bored to even think about doing anything of the sort. So instead, we’d entertain ourselves by driving around in a car aimlessly. I mean we all had just gotten our licenses, and the sense of freedom always attracted us.

Well one day, this idea didn’t work out so well for us. I was sprawled out in the back seat of my friend’s car. Lauren was driving; Jenny was in the passenger seat, playing DJ.

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