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Is Santa Claus Real?

February 13, 2011

By jmgbu, Stony Brook, NY

Every December, I delve into the mind of the wise and noble Linus Van Pelt, as I perform the role in the annual children’s show my drama club performs for the elementary schools in the district. Linus, the beloved “Peanuts” cartoon character who, when asked, tells Charlie Brown the meaning of Christmas by reciting the Bible’s story of the birth of Christ, is tenacious in his conviction that there exists a powerful entity who protects humanity. But Linus’s philosophical understanding of the world goes much deeper than his small frame, and tiny voice would suggest. As a child I wasn’t ever completely convinced in the validity of anything that couldn’t be proven, and as I “became” Linus each year I felt like a fraud. So, what I don’t know is whether or not I will ever allow myself to accept on faith the power of Linus’s “entity”, and as a first lesson I have decided to challenge myself with a simpler problem.

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