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Sequel vs. Original

By natschwager, Columbus, OH

Mean Girls, a well known movie, came out with a sequel. ABC Family presents Mean Girls 2.

Jo, an ordinary girl, is new to North Shore High School. The first people she meets are “The Plastics.” “The Plastics” is a group of three girls who are self-centered bullies. Jo rejects the girls’ invitation to become friends, and doesn’t want anything to do with the clique. Instead, Jo becomes friends with a another girl, Abby, who is been enemies with Mandi (the leader of “The Plastics”) and has been ever since they were little kids.

Abby doesn’t have any friends and is a lonely teen. Her father, an extremely wealthy business man, offers Jo money for her college tuition to become friends with Abby. Jo accepts his offer and becomes closer to Abby.

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