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By bobun16, Mesa, AZ

Frustrated at teen-ink
My key word in this is frustrated. Not outraged, not indignant not disgusted or furious just frustrated. Frustrated because I have been on this site for years, yet the number of people who have viewed my work is minimal. I’ve had an article posted here for almost two years, and it doesn’t even have half as many view as some of the other articles. Why is this? It’s a fundamental design flaw in the organization of the website. There may be good authors on here who have gone unnoticed because of the way this site works. Basically, an article is really good and gets published, so it then goes on the front page of the section it’s in. People see it and read it until it become one of the most read articles there. People see the most read article and think “Hey this must be good”, which it is good, it’s usually fantastic, but there are other fantastic pieces of work out there as well, which go unviewed because they are covered up, on the bottom of the page in the ‘recently submitted section’.

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