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Over the Edge

By Hover, Mukwonago, WI

Bad day today. Woke up late, burned my toast, forgot my math homework, slipped on the ice outside school. Couldn’t sit down comfortably because of the bruise, got in trouble for talking in class, dissected frogs in bio (eew!), got rude comments on my new skirt, and missed the bus on the way home. Make that a really bad day.

But, I just slung my backpack higher on my shoulder and walked the mile and a half back home.

“Dishes are not optional.” My mother’s usual friendliness greeted me at the door. I could have explained about my day, but what’s the point?

I got to work, unloading the dishes. I set an ancient champagne glasses on the microwave. Even though my mother only has one every week or so, we had eleven others that we never used.

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