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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bonte

By Gamboa, Phoenix, AZ

The novel, Wuthering Heights, by Bronte publishes 1847 is a romantic novel. It tells the story of two people that fall and love, but can not be together because of their social life. The character, Catherine, faces the dilemma of loving the man she wants to be with forever or losing her family. She soon dies while giving birth. This book is also filled with revenge and death.

Young Catherine faces the similar situation as her mother once did when she lived. She comes out to be a very strong girl and still keeps her head up high. Catherine is surrounded by people who want to harm her, but she still is very amiable and noble. At her young age she faces experiences deaths, revenge, and hatred. When her father, Linton, dies she becomes stronger and has bigger and meaner problems to face.

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