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Becoming Perfect

March 7, 2011

Kaitlyn S., Auburn, AL By unwrittenlove, Mount Berry, GA

I was running. That’s the first thing I noticed. The next thing was my location. Trees surrounded me, blurring green and brown. I could hear the birds communicating with each other, probably chirping about the young girl dodging the many trees.
Why was I running?
I felt my short black hair whipping behind me as the harsh wind hit my exposed cheeks. The sky was darkening overhead causing me to run even faster. Suddenly, I saw a light ahead of me. It taunted me, wanting me to draw closer.
Darkness was closing in quickly.
I reached the clearing where the light was and found myself looking down off a cliff. I stopped running and took in a ragged breath. I let it out and watched the white wisps of air leave me.
They don’t want me either, I thought, watching them with envy.

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