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Some Friend You Were

By el-oh-el, Maloney Gardens, Trinidad and Tobago

Too much pain.
Too much hurt.
All for nothing;
Our friendship’s worth.
I’m too kind.
I’m too giving.
I’m way to willing;
To forgive.
Not this time;
I’ve had enough.
Some friend you’ve been,
Never there but of course you care.
Disappoint. Betray. Lie.
That’s what you do.
I’ve been to good,
I don’t deserve that s

Grow up and realize,
I aint your b
Don’t call me when you need someone,
Don’t ask me for advice,
Don’t expect me to come when everything falls apart,
I won’t laugh at your jokes,
I won’t defend you,
I won’t be the friend you’ve been to me,
No one deserves that.
But I’m through being the friend you never were to me.

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