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Tears Of The Ocean

February 19, 2011

By ToRemember, Somersworth, NH

I looked down into the palms of my curled up hands, to see what they held, to see what once was my only friend.

I let my eyes rest, and breathed in the salt of The tiny transparent pieces that my hands sheltered, and protected from the world.

I like to call them the tears of the ocean. They're the insignificant fragments of memory that scatter along unseen waters. Sometimes, I bet each one has a story to tell.

As I took in the last shred of intoxication i could get from that breath, it all came back to me. Like a splash of freezing water on the hottest summer. It gave me knowledge.

I felt the wind, that allaying burst of air the sea sweeps along the earth. I enjoyed the feel of my toes dancing in between the moistened sand.

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