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How Much Does Illegal Immigration Cost America?

By PrincessGrace, Jacksonville, FL

America has a national debt of approximately 14 trillion dollars. What can our country do to stop this spending? Statistics show that 338.3 billion dollars are spent on illegal immigrants in America annually. (3) This amount alone would be enough to stimulate the economy for the real citizens of this country. If we were to tighten border security, we would be able to cut down our debt. Therefore, to minimize national debt, America should tighten border security and thus stop spending money on welfare, Medicaid, and education for illegal immigrants.

Welfare was established by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression. (5) He designed it as a program to help single mothers with dependent children, old people who could not take care of themselves, and disabled people. Today, many people take advantage of this welfare, claiming they cannot find a job to support themselves or their families.

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