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By MissMeggie, Colorado Springs, CO

As the casket was being opened, Emma dropped on her knees and sadly wept for the boy that meant the entire world to her. So young with such a bright future in store for him is now sentenced to life in heaven. Finally she collected herself enough to stand up and take a final glimpse of him. “All the possibilities there are out there to live your life and you never got a chance to experience any of them. Oh sweet baby brother, the light you’ve shined on everyone down on this planet will shine forever in our hearts even though your flame has been blown out. We will see each other again, one of these days. But for now say hi to grandma and grandpa for me. How I love you…And the casket fell shut as the boy inside will remain in peace for eternity.
What on earth was I thinking?! A good sister would’ve taken him to his friend’s house.

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