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My Favorite Beach

By BrianDunlop, Valley Stream, NY

I awoke refreshed, but slightly groggy. The tide appeared to be moving into shore more rapidly then when I first lyed down on this sun-parched beach. I looked up at the sky and saw flocks of seagulls, panning through the sky, overhead, possibly looking for food on the surface. They're not gonna find much food here because what would be food on a populated beach has become broken shards of glass on this one. Surprisingly, no one comes to this beach, anymore, which makes me want to come here, that much more. I don't really like people. They're always causing problems and misery for no good reason, at all. I do like nature, though and all the beauty that it brings. People never bring such beauty. I admit, some people may be considered attractive, but they could never bring the beauty that this deserted beach can bring.

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