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Nail Files Do Not Break You Out of Jail

By nomvegannom, Schuylerville, NY

You no longer hold me here.
The chains you tied me down with have all rusted and blown away with the wind that brought you here. Your words are no longer powerful, because I know they are all regurgitated lies you have come accustomed to using over the times.
Dust has collected on the frame of you and me that we found appealing so long ago.
Your paradise is a broken world of shattered dreams which I can no longer reside in.
I was blind on drunken love and you were intoxicated with the sense of longing.
We were on top of the world when it came crashing down and left everybody fractured.
Our hearts slowly split in two leaving us rendered and hopeless.
We were looking for a home in an overpopulated world.
To fit in,
To be loved.

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