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By GzusFreak10, Staten Island, NY

It's the weirdest sensation. Ever since I was in second grade, I've had a crush on one guy or another. I usually pick the best, although I've goofed every now and then.
Now I have no guy on the mind. They're all just friends or enemies. I love them all, but just as brothers.
How did it happen? It was definitely unexpected. I was mad at almost every guy I knew, and then it struck me.
I have no regrets. I prefer being single in mind and in fact. To be honest, I work better without a man on the brain. Teenage guys, with the exception of a few, are jerks, putting it plainly. I love my friends, but that's all they are.
I'll probably get married someday. It's what's expected, and I do want to get married. But now is not the time to think of all that stuff.

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