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Shelby Writes For The Dead

By Shrien, Brooklyn, NY

Shelby dipped her foot into the lake, recoiling at how cold it was. Her best friend, Evanna, was already wading in the lake, flirting with Gavin and Luke. Shelby stared at Evanna in envy. Evanna had a beautiful shape and tan skin, full lips and a belly button piercing that drove people wild. Shelby was pale had an OK body and no piercings but in her ear. “Come in!” Gavin cried out, waving his arms around. Shelby smiled and dove into the lake, letting the cold overcome her for a fearful second. But as she got used to it, she swam over to Evanna and she grinned. “So Luke” Evanna said, turning her attention back to him, “Where did you learn to swim?” he shrugged, “My Aunt taught me when I was little I guess” Luke glanced shyly at Shelby and then at Evanna. “Hey are you okay? You look a little pale” Gavin said, catching hold of her arm.

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