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Writers Block

Julia N., chardon, OH By flyingpinkgiraffes, chardon, OH

The paper stares blankly at me
Counting the seconds
Sucking any glimpse of an idea from
my grasp
My mind is a void,
of deep infinite nothing
The words fall from pen to paper with a meaningless thud
I scratch them out, those two- dimensional words

An epidemic races across my mind
Thoughts wither to nothing, creativity dies
I can't think
Motionless, the pen sits in my hand
Too weak to write
It looks up at me with sad guilt
Like a puppy after it's been scolded

I tap my feet restlessly
I drum chipped fingernails on the desk
I chew my tongue until it's raw
Slowly, I put my pen down
I turn away from the page's mocking stare
I don't want to write anyways.

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