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Letter to the President

By joecool101, Brighton, MA

Hello, my name is Joshua. I would like to talk to you about the economic situation in America. The U.S. has not been developing its industrial growth. Rather, the U.S. industry has been declining. I think I know a couple of things that will help boost the economy. First of all, America needs to stop buying from countries like India and China, and start producing its own goods. The USA is already in major debt with china, and shouldn’t continue increasing the deficit. Second of all, countries that have significance in the American economy have been outsourcing jobs into countries like India, China, and Russia. They seem to think that it is better if they hire workers in other countries for much less money. They don’t understand that the economy is suffering because of people. They don’t care that they’re supplying other countries with good jobs, while the American people are left unemployed.

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