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A story starting with A

By InsaneRoman, Savona, NY

A person sits on a beach by moonlight, their overly long silver hair blocking their face. From this distance, it can't be told if the shaking of this person is them laughing their butt off or crying their heart out. That dangerously beautiful person lying on the beach is none other than me.
The name's "A," cause I was the first, cause I'm the leader and cause of one of my more obnoxious talents. Don't bother asking who I was before I changed; it's not relevant to my life now, plus I don't remember anymore.
I guess you could say I'm a vampire, but it would be for lack of a better word. Sure, we've got extended life spans, and sure, a few of us can get sustenance from blood and we all have some sort of unnatural talent, but vamp just doesn't quite describe us.

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