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The Dream

Abby R., Pinson, AL By BreakingInside, Pinson, AL

Have you ever felt like a dream will never end? Almost like, like you have been sucked into it. Like your now living in that world of your dream. I had a dream once it was so vivid ,and so real it was almost alive like I was living in that meadow. It was so very strange at the same time. What I remember from that dream frightens me every day.
I was running. I'm not sure from what. I just remember running until I couldn't carry myself no more. My face hit the grass. I laid there for what seemed an eternity. When I rolled over to start running again, something wasn't the same. I let my eyes focus onto what I was looking at. It was my mom, and my two best friends, Meagan,and April.
"Hello." Meagan,and April called to me. Something was off about them I wasn't sure what though.

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