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Country Music

By sethsgirl, Jensen Beach, FL

Ok country music, i love the stuff! i was born and raised in the south. Some people think country is all about our dogs, beer, and trucks. Well most of it is lol but it also has meaning to it. Country music tells a story, you cant tell me there just meaningless words people sing. Rap music is meaningless words all jumbled together. Theres like no cussing or any of that stuff. Its just pretty much about the singers life. Ok my graphic design teacher plays music during class, and a country song came on he was like "bleh i hate country" and changed it. a kid was like "why do you hate it?" he was like "i just do". That was just alittle experience i dont know.. lol well try it before you make fun of it. like vegetables! Some of its good but peas arent so hot in my taste.

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