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Never Forgive Me

By Saffron_tides, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I put on some lip gloss, brushed my hair again. It circled my face in ringlets I had formed using a curler. I had put on a dash of makeup and my favourite dress. I wanted everything to be perfect. Even though he had been admitted in the hospital for only a week it felt like a lifetime. Now I finally got to meet him and my breaths were coming out in short spasms. I could hardly wait.
As I walked towards the bench, under the arch just outside the park, I saw him there already. I savoured the moment turning it around my head at every angle. I wanted to remember this day forever, exactly like how it was, the smell, the taste of the autumn leaves falling.
I stood in front of him and he turned to face me. I stopped dead.
His face was pale, ashen, and grey. He looked emaciated, weak and the light in his eyes had almost gone out.

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