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Adolescence and Hot Chocolate

By Khristina, Milford, CT

The icy wetness of the ocean sprayed across Tessa’s face, leaving the jagged remnants of sea salt on her pale cheeks. Using the sleeve of her coat, she gently rubbed off the water and sand. Her face was brittle from the cold December air. She stood on the walkway, leaning over the dark wood fence that creaked when she made the slightest movement; focusing ahead to the choppy waters of the beach. She wore her usual attire: a dark green military styled jacket pulled over various shades of grey wool sweaters and black leggings; tucked into black strappy combat boots. She was a natural, a hipster in her own time, her ruby red hair brushed lightly against the tip of her nose. In disapproval, she lifted her hands to tuck her hair behind her ears. She stood there. With her eyes closed; listening to the waves crashing on the rocks beneath her.

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