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The blueberry tree

By SmallTownGirl, oakley, CA

I was enjoying the scenery as my eyes came across something blue...It had a purplish tint too it, and I instinctively decided too investigate its beauty. When I came closer, I realized I had found something extraordinary... It was a bluberry tree, and its trunk, a burnt sienna with highlights of orange. It stood at about six feet high, and I had never seen anything like it. What began at the six foot mark was an assortment of blossomed blueberries, glistening in the sun. If I didn't know any better I would swear that they were screaming for me to pick them. Me being only barely five feet was not tall enough to do so, but if I was I would've listened to there supposed cries. Just as I began too lose hope that I would get too taste such a delicacy branched from something as beautiful as the trunk it grew from, I heard someone shout my name... I turned my head with my body still facing the magical agriculture, and I was pleased at what I saw.

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