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Once may came

By starshollow34, rock hill, SC

His name was Andrew; he had short dark onyx black hair and green eyes that could pierce through cement. He was one of the “cool” kids never seemed like he would even taken a notice to me. However over the summer between junior and spring break he did take a notice to me. My uncle hired him to work at the old family hardware store. The same place I worked making deliveries. I can remember the first conversation we ever had

“Hey you! Don’t I know you from somewhere” that was the first thing Andrew Parker ever said to me. The rest of that summer, well that’s history. He started joining me on delivery runs and soon we were hanging out after work. One night in Early June he was in charge of closing up shop for the night, right when he was staring to turn off the store lights I came returned from my final delivery. His eyes seemed to be the lights guiding me through the dark store to him…that night was the first time I had ever been kissed.

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