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Being Independent

Perry C., Ardmore, OK By Awakening08, Ardmore, OK

I'm motivated by hate and inspired by love. A person like me who always rise above. Everyday is like
drama and hate. People all around are full of fate. If people can't realize that life is too short. They can't
escape, not even abort. If you can't see the real true me. Then what's the point in you to believe.I go
through so much struggles everyday. I walk, stand, and even pray. I look at the sky and look at the stars.
to find myself in a journey that who knows how far. Independent is through the heart. Not even your
life will never depart. Life if full of bitter and lies. But the more you stand, the more you go high. I try
to live my life to full. But people are so selfish, immature, and so dull. You can't live a great life if you're

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