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The Human Mind

By JustinBurgs, Winslow,Maine, ME

The Human mind. It is easily excited, stimulated, fascinated. It is stimulated more, depending on what it is looking at, no? So what are these things, that the human mind is evidently so much more stimulated than other things? Well, answer me this.Would more people turn on their T.V. to watch a story on a huge fire that has killed thousands of people in one week, or a story of a billionaire literally giving all his money to a nonprofit organization. The answer? Well, play it out inside of your head, I think you will know. We can’t control it, our natural instincts I mean. Maybe someday, but not now. The Human race is secretly obsessed with violence. We don’t realize it, and don’t want to be, but I don’t think we have a choice in the matter. When something goes horribly wrong, people look like on the outside that they are scared, and they are, don’t get me wrong, but also, somewhere in there, I can bet you that there is a list a glimmer of fascination of the damage, and maybe even a little hope that we can’t stop whatever is going wrong so they can see how it plays out.

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