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St.Joe in the 80's

By SummaWose, Huntington, WV

I think when desks are being built they test them, to make sure that they are uncomfortable, so, no one can fall asleep; even when a teacher like Mrs. Mullins begins a lecture. Lucky for me I am hyperactive and easily entertained. Today I decided it would be best to bounce my leg and play I spy as opposed to twiddling my fingers and watching the cop car outside the window, to see if they catch any speed demons.
I spy… worn books… an old TV, that has its on button missing… a random set of pipes protruding from the floor… a few of the browning ceiling tiles have been replace with white ones… hmmm wonder if these rooms look the same, like have they remodeled since my mom went here, or even since they opened… doubt it, St Joe is a catholic school and even though they get a lot of money from the students, they can’t afford a cafeteria let alone a remodel… I spy… a picture of nuns!

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