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"I Don't Care"

By Shawntae90, sunnyvale, CA

“I can’t care,” I tell myself. I have told myself so many times now, that it becomes natural to say. Although, no matter how many times I have said it, I still do not believe it. I wish I did believe the words, yet it seems impossible for me to ever truly believe them. I begin to do things to get my focus off of the subject. I start to watch a movie, but half way through, I realize I have no idea what is going on. I start to make dinner, yet I quickly find out that we do not have milk, butter or noodles. All of which are vital for making Macaroni and Cheese. I start to go on a drive, yet I quickly find out that I am out of gas, and still no where different, than where i was before.
“I can’t care,” I tell myself once again. But I still do not believe it. I sit in my room and begin writing letters to my friends. But quickly, I begin to lose my way for words, and forget who i was writing to in the first place.

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