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Shadow's Ally

By Kael96, Shiloh, NJ

In the corner of the room, all that hides me is shadows. Sometimes, even they abandon me, fleeing from the predator, light, that comes on its daily hunt. Other times, the shadows protect, standing strong against my captors, for they cast their spells and muddle the senses of the enemy. Their magic is stronger than any of the light. The predator can blind with its power, but only momentarily, and though it scatters shadows, they always find a loophole in which they return, marching silently into the corners and their perches from which they spy.

I watch their muted battles, praying constantly for the shadow’s eternal reign. I cower, not sure of how to assist, guarded by the shadows that remain behind to protect me. I’m but a human, no power in my grasp to help to either side. But I shiver as the shadows pass over me, to let them know that I fear them with the highest respect.

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