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With Every Dawn This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By rockstardream, i'm not saying, GA

Slowly, the darkness fades to light,
The inky black of the night is lost in the sunrise,
And the sun-streaked canvas ignites.
The fiery red sun reaches out towards the sky;
It’s orange tendrils tingeing the sky with a breathtaking aura,
Shooting out dark purple veins from its center with its rise.
The suns kisses the world with luminescence.
Its golden rays reaching out towards the heavens;
Beautifully basking the earth in a smoky essence.
The new dawn beckons the creatures from their sleep.
From the forest with tired eyes they trot;
It’s their daily morning meal they seek.
Out from behind the Dogwood a fawn emerges,
It tries out its wobbly legs, only to fall,

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