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Learning to Let Go

By kikigirl101, Somewhere in, CT

I sat in the café across the street from my apartment with my laptop and a mug of hot chocolate. My hair fell out of my loose ponytail and fell into my eyes. I looked outside the window and frowned at the dark clouds that covered the sky. It was drizzling slightly when I arrived at the café and now half an hour later it was pouring. I took a sip of my hot chocolate and jumped a bit when I heard the familiar you’ve got mail that chimed from my laptop. I opened up the email and smiled. It was from my aunt in Connecticut, she sent pictures of her new puppy and of her garden, and how much her flowers had bloomed. I became mesmerized by the picture, I saw the bright sun and the cool grass and instantly became happy; then I saw the rain outside my window and frowned yet again. I hated the weather in England, mother nature was so bipolar over this part of the world, one day it was beautiful but most days ,like today, were dark and gloomy.

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