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An Invisible Opponent

By Drake18, Schoharie, NY

Adrenaline flows through my body,
As I step onto my court.
Inspiration has resonated in me,
I begin to volley ideas, words bounce through my mind.

Syllables eclipse every line with ease.
Impeccable alliteration and assonance come naturally,
Like a graceful slice in tennis befuddling an opponent;
My every scribble seemingly like bending a ball to my will.

My glistening skin begins to radiate heat as I begin to tire;
I reach for motivation
As I stumble along lines of mediocrity.
A last stanza of points finalizing my work of art.

One last purge of vocabulary and articulation,
Eloquence riddled throughout my final serves
Of power and resolute meaning.
Alas, he slips, giving way once more to my inevitable victory.

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