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Just another Day

By Drake18, Schoharie, NY

Life a continual array of trivial niceties and undying philosophical queries;
Rooted within my home, family, and friends, I struggle to branch out in the world.
I watch as the days pass by and people around me continue to thrive and blossom;
I can’t help but feel withdrawn, alienating myself from comfort in company.

That is until I found her, in her immaculate beauty and stoic grace.
She spoke to me in a way nobody else could hear,
Her whispers like a soft breeze giving motion to otherwise lethargic leaves;
As she lured me away from the tranquility I found in my solitude.

She was eccentric, and approachable by all, an aura of solace illuminated from her body.
Our intertwined fate gave me hope in my own destiny,

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