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From one bad boyfriend, to the next.

By Ahbreejerae, Eagle Creek, OR

"I was finally free of his abuse and could venture out to find happiness." So this being the last line of my blog referring to my first serious relationship, shows just how wrong I was when I jumped into my next relationship.

As humans, once we have fled a bad situation, it almost always seems that the world is going against us and throws us into another bad scenario. For me, it's almost as if no matter how hard I try, the world knocks me back onto my butt again and laughs.

Freshly out of an abusive relationship, I found myself rather lonely and hurt. I needed someone to comfort me and make me feel "special" again. I guess my mistake being the need to always be admired, leads me to my next trap much like a mouse being lead to what they thought would be their prize.

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