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As if Destiny Hates Me

May 16, 2011

By Gwgideon, Commerce Twp, MI

I should probably mention my brother. We are…or more accurately were…strange siblings. We were twins. We looked the same, so much so that to be identified by our father, one of us had to wear a headband. We were the same height, same weight, same everything. We were equal.

But not normally equal. Equal as in perfectly equal. As in when we got in arguments we would yell the exact same thing at each other at the exact same time, for the whole fight. When our fights got physical, we were still equal. The fight would last for hours, literally decided by the one who got more sleep the night before. We could be called clones.

And we were. Countless times. We got the same grades at school to the percentage, even though we were in different classes. The teacher could give us a pop quiz she had written an hour before class and we would get the exact same grade, and the exact same questions wrong.

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