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Weightlessness This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Chip B., Brooklyn, NY

     The elevator doors opened on the ninth floor and my sneakers squeaked along the shiny tile. Research findings plastered the hall like wallpaper. I rounded the corner to the Cardiovascular Physiology and Space Medicine Laboratory at UT Southwestern Medical School. What initially struck me as clutter was really a mini-museum of space history. Those framed catheters measured astronauts’ arterial pressure during shuttle launches. My spine tingled as I anticipated my research internship.

My mentor, Dr. Peter Snell, was a lean, graying three-time Olympic gold medalist now enjoying a career in Exercise Physiology. He is studying the effectiveness of an exercise training regimen to counteract muscular atrophy during prolonged weightlessness.

The protocol required a subject, Mr.

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