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Feel the Danger

By TheBlackRose, Madrid, Spain

When you constantly live on the edge you don´t feel danger. You may say “wow, that´s cool”, but it´s not. Not feeling danger sometimes is OK; you do the stuff other people feel afraid to do, you feel cool, you begin to be known around because you do all kinds of things. But when you don´t know where the limit is, you cross it and the limit is like a string in the middle of your path; when you cross it you can do two things: you can jump over it or you can trip. I tripped.
I woke up one morning, just like any other morning. I got dressed and ready for school, had breakfast, kissed my mother goodbye and jumped on my skate. I got to my high school, and everything went on as normal. Until the last bell rang.
I ran out at last, free from classes for another weekend of doing nothing but what I felt like, looking forward to the party on Saturday at Mike´s house.

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