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Of War and Horns

By AgnotTheOdd, Aptos, CA

They said Mission Accomplished,
And now we’re all astonished,
Eight years later and we’re still there,
Like an ant wrestling a bear,
And the horns HAROO HAROO
Fight and die for your country,
Hell—maybe you’ll come home bloody,
But hey it was a hell of a run right?
A grand display of our fight and might,
Still the horns HAROO HAROO
Shrapnel and flak,
And never look back,
Onward to the fifes and the drums,
While shells hit and every body part thrums,
And in tune the horns HAROO HAROO
Flags fall and rise and fall again,
Oh how war is so arcane,
While the horns HAROO HAROO
It rightfully bears a stigma,
Of how it’s such an enigma,
And there’s 5,000 dead,
While you lie in your bed,
And fantasize of the horns HAROO HAROO

Haroo – lucky it ain’t you

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